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2 Kilo Heavy, Meaty Ramen At Butayama

Meaty Ramen like no other! Tokyo ramen chain Butayama serves an insane 2 KILO (4.4 pound) ramen!

Meaty Ramen at Butayama - XL Sized
XL Sized Ramen

Atop a literal mountain of meat and veggies, they drizzle pork back fat, soy sauce and garlic.

Pig Mountain

Butayama literally means “Pig Mountain”. This name is fitting, considering the pork greasy, meaty ramen they serve.

Meaty Ramen at Butayama - Drone Shot

Before we get to the 2 kilo bowl, let’s clarify that Butayama does Jiro style ramen. This means a soy sauce base with pork back fat and crunchy bean sprouts and cabbage on top.

Meaty Ramen at Butayama - Small Sized

For your Jiro style ramen, choose LESS, STANDARD, or EXTRA for the items below:

1) Garlic

2) Vegetables

3) Pork Back Fat

4) Flavor strength

Mash Mashi

“Mashi mashi” and “Kara kara” mean you want to go big (EXTRA for everything). These 2 Japanese phrases will unlock the most calorific bowl on offer.

Regular Size Soupless Ramen

The noodles are always wavy and thick. But in the 2 Kilo bowl, good luck even getting to the noodles at the bottom.

Meaty Ramen at Butayama - Thick Noodles

2 Kilo Ramen??

Yes, 2 kilos of ramen. It’s like lifting a heavy box – you may want to use your legs too. This is what it looks like – the heaviest ramen on the menu and EXTRA for everything.

Press 1,230円 for the monster

Again, good luck getting to those noodles. There’s a dense forest of bean sprouts and cabbage that stand in your way. They’re refreshingly crunchy but with the copious amount of pork back fat (seabura), it’s a bit confusing.

Spot the Egg?

You feel healthy from the vegetables. But at the same time they’re coated in grease. While pork back fat is indeed greasy, it’s also quite smooth and sweet tasting. In addition, you could add a slice of cheese on top…because why not?

Whether you challenge yourself with the 2 Kilo bowl, or just order their standard ramen, Butayama will leave you full and satisfied.

They have 15+ branches in Japan. Most of them are in Tokyo, including areas Ueno and Nakano. I’ll be putting out a video about them shortly – stay tuned!

Nakano Shop: Map Link

Ueno Shop: Map Link

Machida Shop: Map Link


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