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Menson Rage - 90's Theme, Modern Ramen

As soon as you walk in the door, it’s clear that Menson Rage (麺尊 Rage) is big on 90s music. But their game fowl ramen is contrastingly modern and even recognized by Michelin.

Game Fowl Ramen?

They base their ramen around various game fowl, or gamecock (“shamo” in Japanese). Basically, think of it as chicken with an attitude. That familiar chicken flavor is there in the broth, but it has a wilder flare from the shamo.

Menson Rage - Game Fowl Ramen
Shamo Soba

The seasoning is multiple types of shoyu. It’s a tangy, salty shoyu but it isn’t overly intense. It helps the shamo flavor linger in your mouth. The broth also has kelp, niboshi dried fish, and other ingredients.

Menson Rage - Thin Noodles

The thin, wheaty noodles are supplied by Mikawaya Seimen.

Modern Maze Soba

In addition, they serve a niboshi ramen and a maze soba (soupless ramen). Instead of the standard egg, in the center of their maze soba is a dark red, smoked egg yolk.

Menson Rage - Maze Soba
Maze Soba, All Toppings

This egg yolk provides a smoky creaminess to the bowl overall. But I wish there was something else alongside this creaminess.

Thicker noodles

For example, in Taiwan maze soba, there is the same creaminess via egg…but there are also jolts of spice in every bite. Still, this maze soba isn’t bad. I just think the shamo ramen is better.

If anything, the wonderful chashu toppings make up for it (got the maze soba with all toppings). One type of chashu is a leaner, cured ham and the other is sous-vide and ultra tender.

90s Theme Park

When I visited Menson Rage, it was right before their dinner start time. It was the most dramatic walk in to a ramen shop I’ve experienced.

At 5 pm on the dot, the door swung wide open and to the bassy beat of Tribe Called Quest, revealing a well-lit, spacious room.

Menson Rage - Outside

Inside, the walls are adorned with colorful posters and memorabilia from the 90s, whether the anime Akira or Rage Against the Machine. Even the way the staff are dressed screams 90s.

Furthermore, there is plenty of 90s stuff in their garage-like entrance. It’s like the lead up to a Disneyland attraction, while you’re waiting to get on the ride.

With its unique ramen offerings and fun 90s theme, Menson Rage a flag bearer for modern Tokyo Ramen.


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