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Menya Takahashi - Sapporo's Best Tsukemen

Menya Takahashi (麺屋 髙橋) serves Sapporo's best tsukemen (dipping ramen)! Their tsukemen is one of the best in the country too.

Menya Takahashi Sapporo - Tsukemen Uptop

Menya Takahashi - Stunning Sapporo Tsukemen

Choose from a standard tsukemen, spicy tsukemen, miso tsukemen, or a fish ramen. We'll be zooming on their standard tsukemen. In terms of flavor, it's anything but standard. It's fantastically delicious. Simply put, I was blown away.

Menya Takahashi Sapporo - Ticket Machine

The thick and velvety soup is made up of fish, chicken bones, and pork bones. They also furnish the soup with a niboshi (dried fish) oil. But the fish flavors don't overwhelm. They're carefully restrained, with all ingredients in harmonious balance.

Menya Takahashi Sapporo - Tsukemen Closeup
Tsukemen with Egg Topping

When dried fish is used a ramen soup ingredient, there's often an accompanying graininess. There's none of that here. Menya Takahashi's tsukemen soup is as smooth as silk. Hiding below this silky reservoir is green negi (spring onions), menma (bamboo shoots), and cubes of pork.

Menya Takahashi Sapporo - Thick, Slippery Noodles

The slippery noodles are marvelously thick and more than adequately match that addictive soup.


Menya Takahashi is highly praised inside and outside of Sapporo, Hokkaido. They're one of a 100 on Tabelog's Top Ramen List for East Japan. Tabelog is Japan's biggest restaurant review website.

Menya Takahashi Sapporo - Outside

The praise is more than understandable. Personally, this is one of the great tsukemen (dipping ramen) I've ever eaten.


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