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Yukikaze - Rich Miso Ramen in Sapporo

Yukikaze is one of the best options for miso ramen in Sapporo. They're easy to get to and their thick and rich miso ramen is a delight.

Yukikaze - Rich and Thick Miso Ramen

Menya Yukikaze (麺屋 雪風) has four main ramen to choose from:

  • Rich Miso Ramen

  • Spicy Miso Ramen

  • Chicken Shio (Salt) Ramen

  • Black Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Ramen

Yukikaze - Rich Miso Ramen in Sapporo Menu

The number one seller is the rich miso ramen. The base is a blend of three types of miso. The soup is pork bones, chicken bones and dried tuna (maguro) flakes. These ingredients are locally sourced and are boiled for several hours.

Yukikaze - Rich Miso Ramen in Sapporo Ramen

As advertised, the result is a thick and rich soup. But it's not exceedingly rich. Nor is it messy. In fact, there's a refined quality to it. This is even with the strong flavors - including garlic.

The toppings include white spring onions (negi), and crunchy wood ear mushrooms (kikurage). For protein, there's half an egg and a big slab of fatty pork belly.

Yukikaze - Rich Miso Ramen in Sapporo Noodles

The bright yellow noodles are thick and wavy, as is almost always the case in Sapporo.

Closing Notes

Yukikaze is one of Sapporo's top ranked miso ramen shops. Every year they're on Tabelog's Top 100 ramen shop list for East Japan. They even have their own instant ramen.

In addition, they're open late. The rich miso ramen is a perfect nightcap in Susukino (where they're located).

Yukikaze - Rich Miso Ramen in Sapporo Outside


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