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Misoya - Best Miso Ramen in Nagano

Misoya (らぁめん みそ家) is a local favorite for miso ramen in Nagano City. The soup base is Shinshu miso and it's smoky from stir-fried veggies.

Miso Ramen at Misoya

Nagano's Finest Miso Ramen - Misoya

Misoya is located right across the street from Nagano station in Nagano City. Choose from miso ramen, spicy miso ramen, or miso tsukemen (dipping ramen).

Misoya's proudest creation is the miso ramen. They use Shinshu miso, one of the most celebrated miso types in Japan. "Shinshu" is the old word for the Nagano region.

Naturally, Shinshu miso is the heart and soul of the ramen. It provides an earthy, sweet, and gentle flavor.

Stir-Fried Vegetable Toppings in the Ramen

The soup that mingles with the miso is hearty but not too heavy. The stir-fried bean sprouts and carrots in the middle of the bowl add a pleasant smokiness to the soup.

For toppings, there's also chashu pork and green negi (spring onions). Lastly, the noodles are thick, springy, and made from local Nagano wheat flour.

Thick Noodles

In summary, Misoya serves a tasty bowl of miso ramen that fittingly represents the Shinshu (Nagano) region.

Outside Ramen Shop Misoya in Nagano City


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