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LOCAL Musashi-Kosugi Ramen Shop Marusen

Amid Musashi-Kosugi ramen shops, Marusen (ラーメン 丸仙) with their old-school ramen is my absolute favorite. They’re one of my favorites South of the Tamagawa river, period!

Top Musashi-Kosugi Ramen - Marusen

You have to go for the "Shina Soba". This is the ramen Marusen is most proud of. It’s a classic soy soy sauce ramen with a broth that takes 6 hours to simmer.

Shina Soba

This broth involves mineral-heavy, purified water, Nagoya cochin chicken bones, momiji (feet), assorted vegetables, kelp, and niboshi (dried fish). It’s salty but still light and with a strong sticky richness from that wonderful cochin chicken.

The noodles are made in an old-school way – boiled in a big pot (not individual strainers), allowing them to swim freely. These noodles are magical and tastier than most.

Miso Ramen, Shio Ramen

Their second most popular ramen is a smooth white miso ramen. It has that nutty miso flavor but no a chunky miso texture. It’s not lardy nor rich. But it’s still awesome. Lastly, the chashu pork is very hammy.

The shio ramen is as you’d want it to be. Light and bright broth. It comes with three chicken meatballs! In the photo below, it’s topped off with extra bean sprouts and a soft-boiled egg.

Shio Soba with Bean Sprouts, Egg

Local As It Gets

Super filling and magnificently delicious, I love Marusen. In my humble opinion, they're the best spot for Musashi-Kosugi ramen.

They're just a little South of Tokyo (Musashi-Kosuji station). It also doesn't get more local than Marusen.


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