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Noodle Stand Tokyo in Harajuku

Noodle Stand Tokyo serves creatively delicious vegan ramen. They go so far as claiming it's the best vegan ramen in the world.

Noodle Stand Tokyo - Top of Harajuku

They're just a stone's throw away from Harajuku station in Tokyo. You'll find them on second floor of the COMICHI restaurant building.

Noodle Stand Tokyo - Outside

Let's dive into their 100% vegan ramen.

Bright Orange Vegan Ramen

First of all, it's amusingly modern. The soup's bright orange color would suggest such. In terms of flavor, the soup is smooth and creamy from sesame paste and soy milk⁠.

World's Best Vegan Ramen?

⁠There's also acidity and spiciness coming from pineapple juice and homemade chili oil. Lastly, there's an overall gentleness via ingredients like kelp and coconut oil.

In short, there's a lot going on in the soup. But everything still manages to feel balanced.

The colorful array of toppings are equally fun - broccoli, tomato bits, various beans, minced soy meat, cashew nuts, and onions. Much like the soup, there's a wide array of flavors (and textures) with the toppings.

Thick Noodles

The noodles are on the thicker side. They're provided by the one and only Asakusa Kaikoro⁠, one of Tokyo's finest noodle suppliers.

Not Just for Vegans - Beef Maze Soba

If you're not vegan, Noodle Stand Tokyo still has you covered. Specifically, the beef maze soba is a popular choice. As per the name, beef takes center stage in this soupless ramen.

Beef Maze Soba at Noodle Stand Tokyo

This includes generous chunks of high-quality, braised beef. You'll need to mix the noodles, which ensures that the soy sauce base is properly distributed. Mixing will also ensure that the runny egg thickens and richens the base.

The same thick noodles are extra chewy in the beef maze soba.

In summary, Noodle Stand Tokyo delivers - both for vegan ramen or non-vegan ramen. Think of them as a ramen oasis in a ramen desert (the Harajuku area).


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