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Ramen in Kudanshita: Noodle Meister Genk

Despite the odd name, Noodle Meister Genk (ヌードル マイスター 源九) is a fine place for ramen in Kudanshita. Their specialties include clam, chicken, or dried fish ramen.

The shop owner Maeda-san graduated from the Yamato Ramen School.

Clam Ramen – Shio

If you like the strong flavor of clams, this bowl is for you. The Okinawan Nuchimasu sea salt and kelp seasoning have an airy quality. This allows that hamaguri clams from Funabashi and the scallop flavors to punch through.

Ramen in Kudanshita - Noodle Meister Genk's Clam Ramen
Kaidahshi Shio (Clam), All Toppings

But it still punches through in a delicate manner, with kelp from Hokkaido helping in the background. Finely diced red onions change up the briny flavor. The little plate of lemon oil does the same - it's an inventive addition.

Chicken Ramen – Shoyu

After being at sea, their chicken ramen will call you back to land. They use 3 types of chicken breeds for the broth – Oyama, Mioudori, and Soshu Kohakudori.

Chicken Ramen at Noodle Meister Genk
Marudori Shoyu (Chicken), All Toppings

This bowl has an expectantly rounder flavor. The light shoyu (soy sauce) seasoning works well with the chicken broth and leaves a gentle aftertaste.

The noodles for either ramen are made in-house and with 2 types of flour from Hokkaido. The owner has carefully chosen ingredients from around the country.

Thin Noodles

Noodle Meister Genk - Great Ramen in Kudanshita

To conclude, Noodle Meister Genk is a more than worthy choice for ramen in the Kudanshita / Jimbocho areas of Tokyo. I haven’t had their niboshi (dried fish) ramen yet. But I’m sure it too will leave a favorable impression.

Genk - Outside


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