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Tokyo Scallop Ramen – Noodle Voice

For Tokyo scallop ramen, there’s only one place to turn to. Located in Ikebukuro, that place is Noodle Voice. Their tasty, rich scallop ramen is beyond compare!

No. 1 Tokyo Scallop Ramen

Noodle Voice (ヌードル ボイス) is pretty much the only Tokyo ramen shop majoring in scallop ramen. Ramen shops from time to time do serve limited time scallop ramen. But at Noodle Voice, it’s a permanent fixture on the menu.

Tokyo Scallop Ramen - Uptop
Thick Scallop Ramen

They do a splendid job with theirs. It’s brightly seasoned with shio (salt). This lively seasoning makes way for a rich soup with deep scallop flavors. These scallops are undoubtedly the centerpiece…but they don’t overwhelm.

The soup’s thickness is almost that of a stew. For toppings, there’s a generous amount of raw white onions. Providing a crunchy contrast, they energize parts of the thick soup.

Tokyo Scallop Ramen - Noodles

There’s also a lot of daikon (Japanese radish). They’re topped off with yellow yuzu citrus, which provides a jolt of acidity and sharpness. Broiled chashu pork, thick menma (bamboo shoots), dried seaweed, and kaiware sprouts round out the toppings.

Lastly, the noodles are similar to what you have at the ramen shop Jinrui Minna Menrui. They’re thick, slippery, and will remind of udon noodles.

A Scallop Summary

In conclusion, Noodle Voice does a wonderful rendition of scallop ramen. Their customer service is top-notch too. For reference, they also serve scallop tsukemen (dipping ramen) and a lighter version of the scallop ramen.

Tokyo Scallop Ramen - Outside Noodle Voice

There’s even non-scallop ramen and tsukemen (dipping ramen) on the menu. But why would you order them?

Noodle Voice is again located in Ikebukuro (North Tokyo). Ikebukuro is one of Tokyo’s most fiercely competitive ramen neighborhoods. But they properly stand out.


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