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Lip-Smacking Tsukemen in Ikebukuro – Mamiana

For tsukemen in Ikebukuro, Mamiana (馳走麺 狸穴) is most famous. Their chewy and thick noodles are 100% Hokkaido wheat flour and made by Mikawaya Seimen.

Top Tsukemen in Ikebukuro

Mamiana’s tsukemen is not as rich and thick as this style can be. But it tastes sweet, sour and does pack a punch. Choose katsuobushi (bonito fish flakes) or niboshi (dried sardines) as the base.

Tsukemen in Ikebukuro - Mamiana

The fish flavor is far more subtle with the former (katsuobushi), allowing the chicken and pork bones flavors to come out more.

Thick Tsukemen Noodles

In addition, they’ve added some upgrades recently – including slow-cooked, fancier pork chashu and chicken chashu.

Chicken-Forward Ramen

In their ramen, or chuukasoba, you choose from rich niboshi or standard niboshi. In either, the niboshi fish flavor is subdued compared to the tsukemen.

Tsukemen in Ikebukuro - Mamiana's Ramen Dish

It puts forth a much stronger chicken flavor. Moreover, it almost tastes like a lighter tori paitan (a style of rich chicken ramen).

Always Popping

Mamiana is always busy. But having a late lunch can ensure you don’t have to wait long.

Almost everyone orders the tsukemen here. Again, this is the top ranked spot for tsukemen in Ikebukuro!

Outside Mamiana


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