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Tsukemen Michi – Tokyo’s Finest Dipping Ramen?

Tsukemen Michi (つけ麺 道) is HEAVENLY. Some might even say it’s Tokyo’s best ramen restaurant – not just for tsukemen (dipping ramen).

Tsukemen Michi – What’s the Deal?

The house special, tsukemen, is real a treat. For just ¥1,250 (all toppings), you’ll feel like a king or queen enjoying a fancy, multiple course meal.

Tsukemen Michi - All Toppings
“Tokusei” / All Toppings Tsukemen

The in-house made noodles are extra thick and extra chewy. The equally thick, soy-sauce seasoned dipping soup provides a wonderful array of flavors. It regularly trades turns being sweet, salty and sour.

This soup includes pork and chicken bones for richness. In addition, elements like shiitake mushrooms and mackerel flakes give it some Japanese panache. Compared to some other famous tsukemen bowls out there, this one less fishy too.

Excellent Toppings

The plate of toppings is an experience in itself. You have 3 sheets of seaweed, thinly sliced menma (bamboo shoots), and a colorful assortment of meat. This includes low-temp cooked pork chashu and meatballs.

Tsukemen Michi - Toppings

There’s a sweetly-flavored egg too. Lastly, you’ll get a condiment that’s regularly changed. Pictured on the day is a spicy ginger / garlic oil and a side of white negi (spring onions). Add these to the soup as you like.

Dessert at a Ramen Shop?

You read that right. Tsukemen Michi is the only ramen (tsukemen) restaurant I know with crème brûlée on the menu. It’s good too!

Note that you’ll order from a ticket machine inside. But before this and while you’re waiting outside, the staff will ask what you’ll be getting. Just say “tokusei” (all toppings) at this point.

They’re open every day but note that on Mondays and Tuesdays they are serving a shio (salt seasoned) tsukemen (not the one pictured).

Tsukemen Michi is a popular restaurant, despite its Northernly Tokyo location. It’s close to Kameari station in Adachi City. But it’s obviously more than worth visiting – perhaps even multiple times!

Here’s another awesome ramen restaurant near Kameari station: Nonokura


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