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Tsukemen Miyamoto - Top Kamata Dipping Ramen

Tsukemen Miyamoto (煮干しつけ麺 宮元) is the ultimate ramen authority in Tokyo's Kamata area. With a richly complex broth and beautifully fragrant and thick noodles, they take their tsukemen (dipping ramen) seriously.

Tsukemen Miyamoto Kamata - Outside

Tsukemen Miyamoto – The Supreme Leader

We’re not just talking about the Kamata area (south Tokyo). Miyamoto is one of the top tsukemen shops in ALL OF JAPAN. Modern tsukemen broth is thick and rich. Miyamoto’s is no different.

Tsukemen Miyamoto Kamata - Helicopter View

The broth is combination of chicken bones, pork bones, and a wide array of niboshi (dried sardines). This includes the katakuchi, seguro, and shirokuchi niboshi types. What this means is a rich soup with a powerful fish accent.

Tsukemen Miyamoto Kamata - Noodle Pullup

True to its full name, Niboshi Tsukemen Miyamoto (煮干しつけ麺 宮元), there’s 70-100 grams of niboshi in each tsukemen. In addition, they make the thick, aromatic noodles in-house.

Meaty Toppings, Other Notes

Pictured is the rich tsukemen with all toppings. Make sure to be hungry when you visit. You’re treated to a mountain of assorted meats. The egg and fat noodles really make it a filling meal.

Tsukemen Miyamoto Kamata - Meaty Toppings

Miyamoto also serves regular ramen and an even richer (broth) tsukemen. The owner got his start at the famous Ramen Nagi, where I imagine he developed a love for niboshi. Furthermore, he later trained at Menya Itto. It’s probably there that he developed a love for tsukemen too.

Miyamoto is the best Kamata tsukemen shop. On top of this, it’s one of the best TOKYO tsukemen shops.

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