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Chinchintei - THE Original Tokyo Abura Soba

Many believe Chinchintei (珍々亭) was the first ever Tokyo ramen shop to create abura soba (soupless ramen)! They've been open since 1957.

Tokyo Soupless Ramen Chinchintei - Outside

The Original Soupless Ramen

Chinchintei is located in Musashino City (West Tokyo). There are a ton of great ramen shops out here. Given its long history, many regard Chinchintei as the originator of abura soba. ⁠

Tokyo Soupless Ramen Chinchintei - Inside

You’ll feel this history as soon as you walk up to the entrance. It’s present inside too, with the simple and rustic interior. On the menu, Chinchintei also has ramen (with soup). But everyone orders the soupless ramen (“abura soba”)…of course. Ordering it is easy.

Tokyo Soupless Ramen Chinchintei - Chashu Abura Soba

Chashu Abura Soba (Regular Portion)

For the noodle portion, choose regular, large or extra large. In addition, choose whether you want extra pork chashu toppings (“chashu abura soba”).⁠⁠

⁠The chashu abura soba is great if you’ve just worked out. But bear in mind that those pork slices are pretty old-school and on the tougher side.

Flavor-wise, this dish is buttery from pork lard. This pork lard helps the soy sauce seasoning to cling to the noodles. This same seasoning provides soft backdrop of saltiness.

Make sure to give it all a proper mix! The tabletop vinegar and chili oil are welcome condiments. Lastly, the wheaty aroma from the thick noodles is hard to miss. The noodles are front and center.

For a piece of history and a delicious bowl of the (supposed) original Tokyo soupless ramen, visit Chinchintei! For more a conveniently located chain that serves this ramen style, click here.


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