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Dumpling Ramen in Asakusa – Ramen-tei

For dumpling ramen in Asakusa, Ramen-tei is the clear leader. Their dumplings are generously meaty and their ramen starts at ¥400 (under 4 USD)!

Best Dumpling Ramen in Asakusa?

Ramen-tei’s full name is Nikuatsu Wantanmen to Tezukuri Shumai Ramen-tei (肉厚ワンタン麺と手作り焼売ら麺亭). It basically means awesome dumplings.

Dumpling Ramen in Asakusa - Ramen-tei

Their handmade dumplings are nice and meaty and contain a fragrant ginger sweetness. You won’t be breaking the bank either. The ramen starts at ¥400! With dumplings, this goes up to ¥650. Ramen with all toppings ramen is still only ¥750.

Dumpling Ramen in Asakusa - Ramen-tei Uptop

Said ramen is shoyu (soy sauce) based, much like a lot of classic Tokyo bowls out there. It has a salty, almost herbal flavor and a syrupy consistency. Simple and it gets the job done.

While they do have miso ramen and tsukemen (dipping ramen) as well, I naturally recommend the shoyu ramen (with dumplings).

Going back in Time

The Asakusa neighborhood is known for its rustic feel. Ramen shop Asakusa-tei embraces this with its cozy, no-frills setup.

Dumpling Ramen in Asakusa - Ramen-tei Inside

The street is on is one of the prettiest in the area. Best dumpling ramen in Asakusa.

Dumpling Ramen in Asakusa - Ramen-tei Outside

For another classic Asakusa ramen shop, check this place out!


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