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KaneKitchen Noodles - Quality Ramen in Higashi-Nagasaki

KaneKitchen Noodles - this Tokyo ramensmith forges some of the finest ramen in the city. They've even been recognized by Michelin. Furthermore, the wait isn't that long!

Kane Kitchen Noodles - Choices

KaneKitchen Noodles essentially has 4 ramen to choose from - Shoyu (Soy Sauce), Shio (Salt), Niboshi (Fish) and a unique Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen).

Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen)

The tsukemen they serve follows a recent Tokyo trend - that is, silky noodles resting in kelp water. On the right hand side you can see these noodles and the beautiful fold. ⁠

KaneKitchen Noodles - Tsukemen

The kelp water that the whole wheat flour noodles are resting in adds subtle sea-like flavors. But it also makes the noodles more slippery. Below are perfectly pink, slow-cooked pork and chicken (breast) chashu. A protein party, including the wildly rich egg. ⁠

The soup on the left hand side is chicken radiant⁠ in flavor⁠. They use different types of chicken and add some shellfish for good measure. Multiple types of soy sauce prop up this complex soup.

Finally, the top tray allows you to play around with the flavors. On the left is rock salt and in the middle is dried seaweed. On the right you have kabosu citrus, which adds a sweet sharpness. ⁠

In my opinion, this tsukemen is their finest work.

Chicken-Forward Ramen

⁠The ramen below is actually their signature bowl. Just like in the tsukemen, they blend several soy sauces with a soup that's mainly shellfish and various chicken breeds.⁠

KaneKitchen Noodles - Ramen

The soup in the ramen isn't as concentrated as in the tsukemen. But the chicken flavors still shine through. This ramen is similar to a lot of modern, chicken-leaning bowls out there. They boil whole chickens and add a syrupy layer of chicken oil on top of the soup.

The same quality meat toppings are here - chicken breast and soft pork chashu. But you'll find bamboo shoots and spring onions instead. The green mistuba in the middle is a nice touch as well. Lastly, the noodles are slightly thinner and not as flat.

In summary, KaneKitchen Noodles is a quality ramen restaurant. The line doesn't get that crazy here either. This may be because of its deeper location in Toshima City, Tokyo. The closest station is Higashi-Nagasaki.


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