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Kobe Chinatown: Must Eats

The port city of Kobe is lesser known than the nearby Osaka or Kyoto. But Kobe has plenty to offer – it happens to be home to one of Japan’s biggest Chinatowns. Kobe Chinatown, locally “Nankin-machi”, is jam-packed with restaurants and street stalls selling mouthwatering Chinese food.

In Kobe Chinatown, here are some must eats!

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats

Fried Dumpling University

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 13

Go before opening to avoid a line

If you’re craving quality gyoza (fried dumplings), go to Gyoza Daigaku, which literally means Gyoza University.

They’re that confident in their gyoza. Prepare to be thoroughly educated.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 2

Tall glass of beer & 14 gyoza

​Their gyoza are cooked to perfection. The soft side of the gyoza beautifully contrasts with the crispy side while the ground pork and nira make them delightfully juicy on the inside.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 3

​1 person’s portion includes 7 gyoza. But if you’re just 1 person, you’ve got to order for at least 2 people (14 gyoza).

It’s simple and efficient when you arrive. The worker will ask how many there are in your party, how many gyoza you want, and whether you want garlic (ninniku) or not.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 4

Gyoza Daigaku is a wonderfully tiny shop. The gyoza wraps are made at a counter right by the register, which is right next to the kitchen. If you sit at the counter, you get to see all the action in the kitchen.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 5

Make sure to arrive a bit earlier before opening. I was there at 4:55 pm (opening at 5 pm) and was third in line.

Gyoza Daigaku is a Kobe Chinatown institution.

Amazing Steamed Pork Buns without the wait

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 6


Don’t leave Kobe Chinatown without some nikuman (steamed pork buns). Restaurant Roushouki is famous for nikuman but the line there is insane. Pro tip – Shikohroh has just as good nikuman without the crazy wait time.

Shikohroh is slightly tucked away but is still right across from Motomachi station.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 7

They’re not stingy at Shikohroh. The pork in their nikuman is plentiful and tender. You can top off your nikuman with bulldog sauce (a sweet BBQ sauce often used for tonkatsu), or soy sauce.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 8

As a full-on Chinese restaurant, they’ve got much more on offer. This would include old school ramen, dumpling ramen, chicken rice, chukadon, and more.  

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 9

Snacks on the go

Also make sure to sample as much food as you can from the many street stalls.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 12

Some items I recommended include xiaolongbao, Peking duck wrap, variations of nikuman, shrimp gyoza, and dan dan noodles.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 10

Peking Duck Wrap

I feel like with street food it’s best to follow your nose. But some places with a line might be worth checking out.

Kobe Chinatown Must Eats 11

Ebi Dango: Fried Shrimp Balls

Hopefully you’ll eat up a storm when at Kobe Chinatown.


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