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Lucky Pierrot - Wacky Hakodate Burger Chain

If you find yourself in Hakodate (Hokkaido, Japan), you’d best stop by burger chain Lucky Pierrot. They serve up some wacky, mouth-watering fast food. Burgers are the centerpiece at Lucky Pierrot.

Lucky Pierrot - A Hakodate Staple

Hakodate based Lucky Pierrot has never felt the need to venture outside of Hakodate. They haven't even expanded to other parts of Hokkaido.

There are 17 Lucky Pierrot shops in the city of Hakodate, which is impressive for a city of only 240,000 people. All pictures here are from their shop right across the touristy Goryōkaku Tower.

Lucky Pierrot Hakodate - Outside

Insane Menu

Their menu is massive. While burgers are their pride and joy, they also have curry rice, rice omelette (omu rice), hamburg steak, spaghetti, and even rice bowls (don buri).

Angels and Ice Cream

The “Pierrot” in Lucky Pierrot is French and describes clowns of the 18th century. A clown with glazed eyes (maybe the burger fumes) is featured in their logo.

Their interior decorating is interesting to say the least. Different branches have different themes too. At the Goryōkaku Tower branch the interior is religious imagery and garish wallpaper with 50s diner music playing in the background.

Lucky Pierrot Hakodate - Angels
Angels and Ice Cream

Chinese Chicken Burger

You can start off the party with some katsu (breaded pork cutlet) curry. It's quite delicious.

Wacky Hakodate Burger Chain Lucky Pierrot 5

One of their most popular side menu items are the “Lucky Fries”, which are drenched in a white sauce that’s cheese and demi-glace. They're not to be missed. They come in a coffee mug too.

But the stars of the Lucky Pierrot show are the burgers. Their top seller is the “Chinese Chicken Burger” (just ¥380). It’s stuffed with succulent deep-fried chicken and lettuce, brought together with a light, sweet soy sauce and some mayonnaise.

Lucky Pierrot Hakodate - Chinese Chicken Burger
Chinese Chicken Burger

I’m not sure what the Chinese connection is, but this Chinese Chicken Burger is excellent. The burger has even bagged some local burger awards.

They’ve got plenty of other burgers too, ranging from a Tonkatsu Burger to a “Special” Bacon and Egg burger. Below is their “Hokkaido Genghis Khan Burger”. “Genghis Khan” in Japanese cuisine is grilled mutton. It’s nicely prepared in burger form here.

Hokkaido Genghis Khan Burger

They’ve got a lot of ice save some room. Below is vanilla ice cream with thinly sliced frozen strawberry bits.

Below are details on the Goryōkaku Tower shop and also the shop near Hakodate station. If you walk around Hakodate enough though, you’re bound to come across a Lucky Pierrot. I would recommend going in!

Goryōkaku Tower Shop

Hakodate Station Shop

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