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Curry with Melted Gourmet Cheese? Creative Curry in Ogikubo

OHIO Curry (オハイオ) is nestled between Nishi-Ogikubo and Ogikubo stations and serves masterfully creative, flavorful curry. It’s run by 1 man in a little hispter cove that’s drenched in sunlight if you go during the day. 

Creative Flavorful Curry Ogikubo

An oasis in Ogikubo

The Ogikubo area might be a bit out of the way. But if you every find yourself there, OHIO is a satisfying retreat.

Creative Flavorful Curry Ogikubo

Curry you’ve never tasted before

Being my second lunch of the day, I unfortunately only ordered 1 curry. But it was to die for.  In Tokyo I’ve never tasted curry like this. It was like the merging of 3 continents – Asia, South, America and Africa…a tectonic flavor explosion. The curry had pumpkin, eggplant, chicken, and banana; making it both sweet and savory.

The curry came with chopped up gobo and sweet carrots on the side.

Creative Flavorful Curry Ogikubo

Melted Gourmet Cheese

Ordering the melted gourmet cheese topping might have been the best decision I’ve made all year. It was CAMEMBERT CHEESE too!!! Normally Japanese curry restaurants use cheap, processed cheese. But not this place.

Creative Flavorful Curry Ogikubo

Creative Flavorful Curry Ogikubo

Their other curries look just as colorful and fun. If only I lived closer to Ogikubo…

Train Station: Nishi-Ogikubo (Chuo & Chuo Sobu Lines)


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