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Spanish Sandwiches, Cozy Cafe in Yutenji

Named after the Spanish sandwich of the same name, bocata is a cozy little cafe in Yutenji. There you can enjoy Spanish treats, a nice array of drinks, and in its laid-back environment, feel like time has slowed down.

Cozy Vibes

bocata has a warm feel to it. There’s just a few seats and the interior is splashed with sunlight, thanks to panoramic windows.

Hot Coffee: ¥350

The owner greatly contributes to this warmth. He has a great story to tell. As a backpacker, he traveled to over 50 countries around the world.

It was during his extensive travels that he fell in love with Spanish tortillas. He then made the bold decision to open up a Spanish tortilla shop in Tokyo.

bocata’s friendly, well-traveled owner

The Food

Spanish tortillas (tortilla española) are omelettes made from primarily eggs and potatoes. These tortillas can be eaten as is, or in sandwich form. The sandwiches are called bocadillo, or bocata. The bread used is similar to a baguette.

At bocata, they serve both the tortilla or the tortilla in sandwich version. They’re both delicious.

Classic with Allioli Picante: ¥650

Classic with Allioli Picante, Regular size: ¥650

For both, choose classic (just eggs and potatoes), ham and cheese, or handmade chorizo sausage.

You also get to choose your salsa – plain allioli, tomato allioli, honey mustard or allioli picante (spicy)! I personally like the spicy salsa. For bocata’s full menu, click here.

Master at work

Keep an eye out for their specials too. They may change things up with fun and fresh seasonal ingredients.

Special Tortilla with Cod

The serving sizes are regular or big, and you’re welcome to add extra toppings like ham, jalapenos or friend onions.

For cozy vibes and scrumptious Spanish tortillas (and bocata), pay a visit to bocata in Yutenji.


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