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Takano - High-Level Ramen in Nakanobu

Takano is the most celebrated shop for ramen in Nakanobu, Tokyo. It’s also one of the most celebrated in all of Japan. Their high-level shoyu ramen is carefully classic and dynamically delicious.

The Definition of Shoyu Ramen

Takano prepares a pristine, classic shoyu ramen (“chukasoba”). Unlike some classic bowls out there, it’s not at all boring.

It’s defined by a light shoyu seasoning and a well-balanced broth with high-quality chicken and niboshi (dried fish).

If anything, the toppings like the chashu pork and menma are more of the classic, chewier variety.

But the translucent, firm noodles are more modern…and divine. They’re made in-house from whole wheat, with wheat freckles you’d find at other ramen shops like Housenka.

Spicy Sesame Ramen

In addition to the classic shoyu ramen, they have shio ramen, a hot and sour ramen, and a spicy sesame ramen.

The spicy sesame ramen is delightful in its own right and stands in contrast to the classic shoyu. It’s like a salty tantanmen with a sizable helping of sansho (numbing peppers).

The Takano Experience

What makes Takano a of lot fun is that it’s family run. You almost feel like you’re walking into someone’s home.

They’re right across the street from Ebara Nakanobu station and are only open for lunch. Get there early and on a weekday if you can.

Saturday line

If you only could visit a few ramen shops in Tokyo, Takano should be one of them. If it’s ramen in Nakanobu, this is the only one you need to visit!


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