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Warito Tsukemen - Tasty Ikejiri-Ohashi Ramen

Warito (和利道) serves one of the tastiest bowls of tsukemen (dipping ramen) in Tokyo. They're conveniently located near Shibuya station too.

Warito Tsukemen - Closeup

Warito's Tsukemen

More specifically, Warito is closest to Tokyo's Ikejiri Ohashi station. Shibuya station and Nakameguro station are also accessible, but are farther away.

Warito's owner once trained at Tetsu, a Tokyo tsukemen (dipping ramen) specialist.

Outside Warito

Warito's menu is simple. They too specialize in tsukemen (dipping ramen) and once in a while, serve a limited time ramen. The ticket machine has photos of the options, making ordering easy.

Dipping Ramen with All Toppings

In the tsukemen, the soup is thick and heavy. But it's well balanced. Pork bones deliver a round richness and sardines and other fish deliver sharper-edged flavors. The toppings include chashu pork slices, bamboo shoots, spring onions, and a soft-boiled egg.

Thick Noodles

The noodles are straight, thick, and slippery. They're not as dense as they look though and even if you order the largest 300 gram portion, you'd be surprised how easy they go down. Noodle portions are as follows:

  • Regular (Futsu): 200 grams

  • Medium (Chu): 250 grams

  • Large (Dai): 300 grams

If you ask, they provide you with a boiling hot rock for reheating the soup (which tends to get lukewarm after the noodles are constantly dipped into it).

Warito Maze Soba

During a more recent visit, Warito was serving a limited time maze soba. Maze soba is a style of soupless ramen that requires mixing. But it surprisingly had quite a bit of soup. In a way, the soup is like a watered down version of the tsukemen.

Warito's Maze Soba

But this isn't a bad thing - tsukemen soup flavors are often quite concentrated. Even if more watery, the maze soba soup is still packed with flavor. On top, there's a generous amount of chopped spring onions and fried garlic shavings.

Same Big Noodles

Lastly, it comes with a raw egg yolk, which can add to the existing richness. This is a solid ramen if one desires a break from the tsukemen.

Tsukemen Thoughts

Other Tokyo tsukemen spots may have surpassed Warito in terms of achievement. Michi, Menya Itto, and Hirai are a few that come to mind when it comes to this heavier style of tsukemen.

Wooden Exterior

But Warito still remains to be one of my personal favorites. But don't expect exceptional customer service. Like a lot of high-level Tokyo ramen shops, it's very much "eat and leave".


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